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Industry, commerce, and business in general is changing with ever increasing speed on a global scale. Mergers, evolving technologies, unrelenting competition, and increased scrutiny by customers, clients, and regulatory agencies all require you to pay strict attention to every aspect of your business. Even the way you manage your water management program can determine your degree of success and profitability.

This is why so many companies select Trident Technologies as their water management partner. Trident has proven its ability to cost-effectively manage water treatment programs in all areas. Our practice of customizing each water treatment program to suit the individual client's needs has paid off in water and energy savings and higher return on investment.

Trident serves a wide array of industries and businesses, helping them achieve strategic objectives and improve their operations. Our clients usually fall into on of several groups: Industrial, Technology, Commercial & Institutional, Government, and Power-Cogeneration.

Return on investment is the core of Trident's systematic approach to the needs of our industrial clients. By controlling corrosion and eliminating fouling and scale deposits in cooling and boiler water systems that support critical operations, we achieve business objectives that improve the bottom line. Waste water and process applications provide opportunities to improve product quality, reduce downtime, and meet environmental regulations.

Trident leads the industry in developing special programs for high technology companies. We provide a full-service turnkey approach in managing the water resources at a number of these clients. This may include providing equipment, or services for high purity applications and waste water. Saving water and energy are important objectives for many of our Technology clients.

Commercial and institutional facilities, like so many other types of businesses, face growing challenges to control costs. This is where Trident really helps lower energy costs by keeping chillers and boilers in ultra-clean condition, free of deposits and impurities. The benefits of our High Performance Water Treatment Programs are water conservation, energy savings and asset protection.

Governmental facilities are much like Commercial - Institutional plants in the types of equipment they operate. Likewise, they are interested in protecting systems against corrosion while keeping them clean and free of scale deposits. Most governmental entities have unique purchasing protocols which guide the programs and procedures that Trident establishes for each location.

Deregulation has influenced how the power and cogeneration industry does business. To remain competitive, these facilities have very special needs and requirements. Our programs help prevent the full spectrum of water-related problems. Extending equipment life expectancy, eliminating outages due to corrosion and assuring continuous operation translates into significant return on investment for power generating facilities of all types.

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