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From power plants to food processors to hospitals, clean steam is crucial to successful, profitable operations. A Boiler Program designed by Trident will assure that all waterside surfaces remain free from deposits and corrosion that increase fuel consumption, maintenance costs, and the chances of shutdowns or power outages. The resulting benefits of lower energy and maintenance costs, increased efficiencies, and improved service will have a positive impact on both your image and your bottom line.

After determining your business objectives and analyzing your system, we prescribe carefully formulated products to achieve the desired results. These products include:

  • Corrosion inhibitors to protect steam condensate systems
  • Phosphate-based products to fluidize precipitates and prevent scaling
  • Polymer formulations that keep heat exchange surfaces clean
  • Catalized scavengers that remove oxygen to prevent pitting
  • Antifoam agents to reduce the amount of contaminants carried over into the steam

Our boiler programs are controlled and monitored with instruments that automatically warn of potentially damaging changes within the water chemistry and immediately adjust the application of products to the system.

Customer and technical support are provided by Trident representatives who are experts in all types of boilers and steam applications.

You will find Trident Boiler Programs operating in Industrial, Technology, Commercial & Institutional, Government, and Power-Cogeneration facilities.

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