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Trident is an industry leader in providing environmentally friendly treatment programs to combat corrosion, mineral scale deposits, and microbiological growth in cooling water systems and large-scale air conditioning systems. We also pioneered on-site generation of microbiological control products, eliminating the problems associated with transporting toxic materials.

Our all-organic products provide exceptional protection against corrosion, scale deposition, and fouling. Safer and easy to apply, they help you:

  • Prevent equipment damage
  • Lower repair and replacement costs
  • Avoid plant shutdowns
  • Conserve water and energy
  • Reduce the risk of infectious diseases
  • Increase return on investment
Each program is designed for your specific type of cooling water system. On-site diagnostics and special tests, such as corrosion coupon evaluations, ensure the ongoing effectiveness of the program.

Trident also provides Operator Training Programs for your employees. The training covers types of cooling water systems, cooling water problems and impurities, and various treatment programs. The program is tailored to fit your needs and help your operators understand their role in achieving your business objectives. This training program is taught by a Trident representative that knows your industry and your operation inside and out, and includes comprehensive presentation, review, and testing materials.

Trident's customized Water Cooling Programs are achieving results for clients in Industrial, Technology, Commercial & Institutional, Government, and Power-Cogeneration applications.

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