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Trident uses state-of-the-art control instrumentation to monitor and manage your water treatment programs as well as pretreatment activities including filtration, ion exchange, and reverse osmosis.

These computerized systems collect and store vital data as conductivity, temperature, pH values, water usage, and blowdown. The data can then be transmitted via modem to any location, on or off site. The system also uses the real-time, on-line data acquisition to control the injection of products in precise amounts, and control other key operations like blowdown.

In addition to historical data for trend analysis and reports, these instruments detect any changes in water chemistry and immediately alert you to problems by triggering alarms and pagers. Adjustments within the system are then made by automatically activating the appropriate valves and pumps.

There are a number of benefits provided by remote monitoring and system management:

  • Your water treatment program can be managed from any location.
  • Products are automatically applied in the correct proportions.
  • Less operator attention means lower manpower costs.
  • Immediate adjustments prevents costly downtime and equipment failure.
  • Precise computerized control saves water, chemicals, and energy.
  • Automatic data collection facilitates documentation.

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