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Effluent discharge or wastewater treatment has serious implications for companies and communities at large. Restoring water used in manufacturing, processing, and power plants to its original quality or better is not only mandated by governmental regulations, but is simply good business practice.

Trident is highly experienced at creating individualized water treatment programs that meet corporate and community goals. A complete treatment program might include primary and secondary clarification as well as dewatering and sludge handling.

Customized to your particular system, Trident products are highly effective in removing

  • Metals
  • Oil and grease
  • Dyes
  • Chemicals
  • Other solids

Trident wastewater treatment products are easy to handle and environmentally safe. Treating discharge water with these products assures that your operation will meet EPA standards, thus avoiding the heavy fines associated with non-compliance.

As with all Trident programs, our Wastewater Programs are backed with uncompromising customer and technical support.

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