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If you are designing a new industrial, commercial, or energy-related facility, Trident can provide you with the specialized drawings and specifications you need for your HVAC system, boilers, cooling water systems, or waste water treatment facilities. These drawings and specs can be provided either on a CD or on line.

Working together with our engineers from the beginning of your project assures optimal solutions to whatever water treatment challenges you face. We will help you customize the appropriate combination of equipment, products, and services that best serves the needs of your client.

Detailed installation drawings save time and help assure that equipment gets installed properly. For the first time, Trident's On-Line Specification Manual is available to qualified industry professionals. If your are a mechanical design engineer or a mechanical contractor and would like to use Trident's on-line program, contact us to receive your own personal password. We will also keep you updated on changes via email or fax.

For the latest industry information on water treatment systems, safety, new products, and other relevant issues, go to our News Room.

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